Connecting the past, the present & the future together onto paper

Everyday Magic

These days I feel drawn to silence and other ways to root and ground myself after being so much in movement again (Vata profiles raise your hands!).

I take long walks, do yoga, meditate for longer periods of time. It feels nice respecting and honoring myself this way — #selfcare. But these activities are also a way for me to rediscover what I like most: exploring. It’s my way to make sense of experiences but also to create a connection between my inner world and the reality around me. Something I’d call magic, really.

Wups, maybe my left sock is upside-down…

Here are a few words I had fun drafting while journaling.
01.11.2019 and 02.11.2019

Rising Again

A wildflower
Out on a rainy day
In Autumn

Let your tenderness
Surprise the ordinary.
Magic, at your feet.

Lost and Found

Once lost,
Maybe I forgot,
Caught up & tangled
In the deep end
Of my shadowed self

This quiet source
Not ephemeral,
But eternal
Sets me free
For I no longer fear
The colder winds
Or dark currents
Of my being

I'm never to forget
As it waits for me
To arrive here
And reclaim again
Its loving beauty.

Your stillness

Like the little sparrow
Only when I remain still
It chooses to come closer to me.

As it slowly approaches
It lets go of its fear
It hops around with trust
That it is safe here.

It is.
Be still.
Observe your magic.

I wouldn’t be able to feel this if I wasn’t fully present when this happened. What if I had not seen the soft wildflower standing against the wind and the rain, in all its softness? What if I hadn’t sat on the stone wall, closed my eyes for an instant, only to reopen them to see this little bird in front of me?

This, to me, is everyday magic. It’s everywhere, as long as we wish to see it.


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