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How meditation changed me

How meditation changed me

There are lots of ways to approach meditation and lots of ways it’s still currently perceived. In our current world, it somehow implies reaching a very cool spiritual place, higher vibrations, something not accessible for us normal hoomans. In my opinion, it’s not the case because it has nothing to do with Doing or with appearances. It has all to do with being, something we forgot since we got caught up in our never-ending to-do lists, swimming within the busy rivers of our lives in which “not having the time” is what makes us visible to others.

Simply being has nothing special in itself, but it’s very powerful to whoever tries it only once. But it sounds boring, it brings no results as there is no action. What are your plans this weekend? Not much, just relaxing. –> boring dude. This is where we’re mistaken. As even though meditation is the simple process of quieting the current of our own thoughts and staying still for a while, it sounds so uncomfortable because of all it unveils by doing being so… In the simple state of being, so much happens. We let go, we receive, we recalibrate, we recharge, we forgive, we love, we become alive again.

I believe that meditation scares us a lot at first because it brings the unknown and all that is hidden back to the surface. By quieting our mind, we allow for something else, another part of ourselves, to come forth. Truth. Feelings. Emotions. Certain things that may need to be released. Taboo topics. Frustrations. Painful past memories of experiences that hurt us. Our conditioning. The cup is likely to be full if you’re giving a go at it for the first time. It’s only normal. Put your mind into silent mode and what will there be left of you? Your emotions, your heart, your soul, your spirit. We feel we don’t have the strength to go through it all, as it is too much to take in at once, so better leave it all underneath the surface, as maybe it will drown into the darkness and never come back up. And we’re mistaken again.

See, these elements that are also part of you but that you may not know so well will come back and wave at you in the hope that maybe today you’d like to hear what they have to say. As each experience you’ve had in your life is a teaching. The only way for it to leave no painful mark behind is to listen to it, to understand it, to accept it, and to love it as a part of you. And this is all possible.

I’m writing this today because I believe that meditation is the most beautiful piece of magic you can ever bring into your life. For the simple reason that you hold this very power within your self since the day you were born, and until the day you die. Because this process unlocks the very part of you that connects you to this magical invisible thread that links this world, and you, and me, to something bigger and wonderful. Because I believe it will never be too late to give it a try. Because it is one of the healthiest habits you can ever keep for yourself.

I’m not saying meditating is easy, but I am saying that once the storm of emotions has passed, it has the power to make you see your own potential. It holds the magic of making your everyday life what you’d like it to be. It holds the power to explain the unknown, to bring the invisible to life, and to give you a strength you never even knew existed. And I can only say that because this is what happened for me, and to so many others around me.

Meditating has been the most rewarding habit, and yet the hardest challenge at first. I’ve tried many times to sit in silence, but so quickly I’d give back control to my thoughts and I’d dissipate myself into the numerous things I have to do or happened recently. The laundry that’s almost dry, the what-he-said-yesterday, the deadline for work tomorrow. Try to tell your mind to stay still and not focus on any thought for a certain amount of time, and the struggle becomes real.

But I haven’t given up. Like all things new, we need the patience to set a rhythm, to build a habit, and to let ourselves learn as we go. Setting an intention for meditation is what changed the game for me. I meditate because I want to find focus. I meditate because I want to recentre myself. I meditate because my heart knows better than my head but it won’t shout as my head does. It needs space, and the only way to access this wonderful space is to re-learn to be still for a while.


I’ve started meditating regularly exactly 6 months ago. Slowly diving deeper. Slowly taking off a layer after another, until I reached my own essence, this little ball of light I still cannot explain to this day, but that is there, each time I wish to meet with it. The magic is the same today. Appreciating my heartbeat has now become a more familiar experience. Reaching this light that is always here, waiting for me to arrive. An experience I can expect, a place that never disappoints nor leaves me emptied out. It’s a place I simply love to come back to each day because that’s where I recharge, that’s where I confide my fears and struggles, and that’s where I trust that things unfold the way they have to. Unlike anything else, I don’t ever see myself getting bored of this feeling of return, of being home, translated through a warm and soft joy, a sense of calm and safety.

I remember being absolutely astonished as to how simple the process is, and how accessible it is to us, and yet how so early on, we have forgotten about the existence of our own essence.


All that you need is a little space, make it comfy, a bit of relaxing music, silence or a guiding voice, and between 10 to 60 minutes, just for you. And, like a little oyster, closing your shell, so you can feel safe with yourself. Because you are safe here. No matter what comes up, no matter if today is harder than yesterday, you are safe, here. You can close your eyes, hold your hands on your chest, bend your head towards your heart, and honour your own existence. This is it. This is your life power. This is your treasure. This is where your Ocean becomes quiet, where you feel safe to navigate without fear. This is where to charge up before you leave again. This is where you put the missing pieces of the puzzle that is your life, back together.

Nothing can go wrong here. All you have to do to start is breathe. Consciously.

This post is the longer version of this journal spread:

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