Connecting the past, the present & the future together onto paper

About me

Hey! I’m really happy to see you here and I hope you enjoy wandering around. This is a simple space where I share my paper projects and I reflect on life experiences. I started documenting my days in 2015, as I realised my life was flying by and I was struggling to put all the pieces together.

Memory keeping has become for me a way to check in with myself at a certain point in time, taking into consideration experiences and connections. Documenting is now my way to look back to learn and appreciate, in order to move forward with intention and love. It is a guiding and very rewarding process as I find myself collecting small moments of joy more than ever before. I think I’ve always been into crafts, papers, layouts and all things design. I do love a modern, clean and airy look, with earthy pastel colours taken from Nature where I spend most of my days.

I’ve lived in a few places around Europe, and I am currently based near the Atlantic Ocean in the South-West of France, where I share my home with a cute nosy Persian cat.