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Saturday 22nd April

Saturday 22nd April

06.45: Yeyyyy! I slept an extra 45 minutes today! I really am still sleepy though and I wish I had a little more snoozing but it’s already day outside and everyone else is awake.

07.30: I complete my Nike workout and it’s amazing because it’s more like a stretching session and I feel better afterwards than before.

07.45: Viktoras leaves to get bananas from the market. We’re out and I can’t do my breakfast without one. While waiting for him to be back I tackle some more summer/winter clothes swapping.

Here’s a look at my wardrobe now. So happy with it. I got it from Ikea last year, it’s my very first own wardrobe can you imagine! I’m in love with these lights switching on when I open the doors. I want to keep it nice and tidy.

Next on the list: do the laundry and nicely pack these winter clothes away in the garage.

08.45: Viktoras is back with bananas, now I can have my usual smoothie chocolate banana breakfast.

09.40: I leave for my first pedicure of the year. Super excited! I never take really good care of myself. I go to the hairdresser once a year, and I never really go for massages or anything, but a pedicure in the summer is really something I can’t do without, since summer here seems to last from April to October.

Loving this photo. She’s kind of wondering why that bone is here but she’s the one who totally laid down next to it 🙂

10.00: I’m ready and for once, I’m not even late!

11.00: Now that my feet are bright and rose, I’m going to get a few fresh flowers from the market, something simple, before heading home for lunch.

12.00: simple rice salad lunch. We’re out of olives. That’s my favourite part, the olives. It’s hard not to miss them at every bite. I hope next time I remember to get some.

14.00: one question: how to you document the act of ‘not doing anything’? Especially in photos? ^^ Everyone is sleeping, I’m the only one awake!

15.00: After spending some time chatting online, I’m not sure whether to go surfing or not. It’s all so flat everywhere.

16.30: I should have gone. There are nice waves now. But the tide is getting low fast, so I’m kind of too late now.

17.00: I take a walk on the seaside with Markus.

17.30: And a little hop onto the shop in Ericeira for wine and snackies this evening. I got sparkling rosé, some yogurt (that I ended up not liking, as I am quitting dairy), some goat cheese (I’ll never ever quit that!), salad leaves and well… some mini Magnum, they were half price!

18.00 = feast at home!

19.00: We watch Friends with Money

21.00: I’m slowly heading off to bed to read.

23.00: sleeeeeepy!



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