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Sunday 23rd April

Sunday 23rd April

As I am writing this post, the ‘”week in the life” project is over and I feel like I want to continue recording the little moments and the things that matter but that we tend to take for granted. I think that’s the biggest lesson I learned this past week: nothing can be taken for granted.


I wake up a little before 7am, with the sound of the birds that I absolutely love. And here’s the lovely sunshine coming into our room. I get up and open the shutters to this view.

I love it where we live. You see how these houses form a sort of rectangle. A bread lady comes here every day at around 9.30am and everyone gathers around her van. There’s a good community feel, and although in London it’s also quite present (or at least I was lucky where I lived), here it’s stronger and it really feels like home.

This morning both Viktoras and I need to run, but I’m on a relaxed 2.50km recovery run and he’s on a benchmark (muhaha). Markus the border does not need to run, he just wants to.

As soon as we choose our outfits he knows what’s going to happen. He gets ready with his ball and makes sure we won’t forget him by standing in the middle of the room.

So we’re both out early this morning and it feels just great.

Since it’s the last day to document I’m trying to remember it as I go, and snap a little more.

We plan to go to surf in about an hour, so it’s always good to check the waves here first. If they’re non existent, it may also be a little flat at other beaches. But if there’s a small swell, it’s always a good sign. This beach is quieter than the other ones around.

When the swell is strong though this beach can be a rough one. I haven’t had the chance to surf in there with my board yet. It’s the plan before next winter though.

Love this photo Viktoras took of Markus and me. The view there is always magical.

8.45am: crepes time! That’s a Sunday tradition, and it’s very sacred.

9.24am: we set off to go to Matadouro beach in Ericeira and meet with my German friend Dagmar who’s here on holidays. It’s a perfect weather!

We went out at around 11.00, it was really quite good, I got a few half greens, but I must admit I am quite physically tired with all these workouts and paddling out became difficult quickly!

It’s such a pretty beach. It gets quickly crowded on a Sunday though but it has a great atmosphere.

Back home we decide to cook fish on the bbq for lunch. Since we have this bbq now, we had to move one of the potted palm trees and we couldn’t decide on a better new place. It ended up being not too far from the 1st tree. Then I had to watch and suffer in silence while both trees got a haircut.

Pink nails from yesterday’s pedicure!

Last year when I moved in I washed and repainted the whole concrete floor. Bad idea. It’s no Greece here. It’s so wind exposed that half the paint is already chipped off (although the paint pot said “extreme weather”) and so much dust is coming in. Now we don’t know whether we should get tiles in instead or not. That floor always looks dirty. I’m in love with the handmade carpet I got from Obidos last year though 🙂 Fits the colour scheme perfectly!

Those palm trees do look better already, I must admit to myself…

After lunch, Viktoras goes back inside to hide from the sun while I chillout on the patio sofa. I just love being out here. Until the Sunday truck arrives with its loud people who sell sweets and nuts and talk louder than the loudest Spanish people on Earth. I somehow managed to have a nap anyway, 10 minutes!

The last photo of the day is probably the cutest one:

Taken at 18.03. She always sleeps with a back leg hanging. Little panther.

The evening was simple: spring rolls on the menu (homemade by Viktoras a couple of weeks ago and then frozen), and the movie “Wild” before heading to bed.

This week I am grateful for:

  • The Ocean
  • The freedom in my life
  • The strong bond with my partner
  • The amazing weather
  • My work studio
  • The Postman
  • The early morning birds
  • Chocolate
  • My good trainers

The list could go on forever!



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  • I really appreciated your post. I’ve not signed up for this and don’t really understand it but by “magic” found your post. I also googled the beach as I was unsure as to where you were. Beautiful. Also I thought to ask you if you did a “primed” coat of paint on the concrete? It might have required a prime coat. Good luck and thank you for allowing me to see your week.

    • Hey Mooneen,

      Thanks! I did 3 coats and I cleaned the whole concrete properly beforehand. I think it’s just too exposed and also too humid underneath. I don’t remember using a primer especially as the paint said I didn’t need one, but I think what I’ve done wrong is not sealing it properly afterwards. Good lesson learned!

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