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Friday 21st April

Friday 21st April

6.00am. Let’s make it 6.45am shall we? Now I am in the mood to get up. Because that’s what Fridays are all about. And I left 20min later than usual, after making a nice fresh carrot juice for my partner who just left for a 11km run.

I realise I didn’t take photos until the afternoon. I studied in the morning at the studio, had a sandwich for lunch and only started moving about after 2pm. It very much seems like I didn’t bother doing any hairstyle, but I promise you I didn’t have a nap.

Guess what… I had another delivery today! I did think of asking the postman to be in a photo for the project, but I’m just too shy to do that!

I am in love with these beautiful colours! This is a Spanish brand I discovered last week.

At 4.30pm it’s time to tidy up and leave!

I am playing around with the remote (which I think has become battery’less now) and the tripod. It’s definitely NOT something I’m used to doing haha! If I knew I looked SO focused when doing the housework I’d tell myself to relax a little more! #notusedtoselfies

I then go to the Russian shop for my partner’s weekend treats and I get back home. This is where the fun starts 🙂

5.30pm. We went for a walk on the beach. It’s not very hot but it’s an amazing afternoon!

Markus (our dog) is always so full of energy, and he’s only 8 months old.

I took my Fuji with me so he’s getting a little annoyed by me snapping everything and everyone 🙂

Ah boys! I sent them both at sea. The Ocean is about 16/17 degrees.

Wayyyyy too cold for me, but I am really enjoying the sun.

When we get back home, we agree to go to the local pizzeria for dinner. However I can only do so if I complete my daily Nike training: a tempo run of 1.50 km in 7.39minutes. Ouch. There we go again with Markus, down the hill and into the fields. I am literally out of breath. It’s so hard when it’s a trail and not tarmac! Or that’s the excuse I gave myself for completing it in 8.30min?

Happy either way, now I know for sure: sparkling rosé IS what’s coming next. After we climb that hill.

I chose a pizza with a little feta cheese and some walnuts. Delicious.

And look at this view:

I love it here.

We go back home by foot, we can even see our bedroom window from here, and I literally passed out early again.



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