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Thursday 20th April

Thursday 20th April

I naturally woke up at 5.24am today. I wish I didn’t. I get up and Mousse is waiting for me just on the other side of the door. Too cute.

It hurts everywhere. From that workout. The one where I skipped a third of it. Shame on me. Let’s go to work.

I arrive in the office at 7.53am this morning, that’s nice. Love being at my desk before 8am. In France it’s already 9am and I text my family to wish my Dad a happy birthday. Follows a 30min chat with my Mum through Line and then another chat to my Dad after that. He’s turning 60 today. He sounds very happy, making some table for his workspace and definitely keeping himself busy!

I feel laaaaazy. After my choco smoothie morning breakfast I slowly draft from Gmail to Asos but remember that I have some shots to take and so I go get some flowers in the shop down the street.

(See the blue post it on the little door on the right? That’s one of my One Little Word April prompt notes!)

My lunch is the same salad from last night, so good. Actually, my outfit is also the same as yesterday. Muhaha. I did say I felt lazy today!

I’ve got to take my car to the garage this afternoon, so I leave at 1pm to do some grocery and household shopping first.

It’s getting really warm outside. That’s when I’m so grateful that in Portugal they mostly have underground parking.

Can it really get any more real than this?

I then drop my car to the garage but I’m too scared to snap it. I barely talk the language and in such a small village I didn’t want to seem like a crazy car lover 🙂

My partner kindly comes and pick me up on his bike and we drive home by the sea.

It’s about 3.45pm and I feel sleepy. Maybe that’s because of the heat. Good excuse. I try to work a little but watching training videos just sends me to a nap. Life is tough and I love it.

By 5pm my car is ready to pick up and there we go again.

I feel more awake, and it’s good because it’s 5.30pm and time to tackle today’s Nike challenge. Thank God it’s a mere 2.50km recovery run. Me = thankful.

I tried to get Markus in this photo but he’s obviously just too fast. You call him and he gets so excited he just transforms into a black and white rocket! I had to put the phone against his leash so it would be a quite ok angle. I could have smiled a little. Or at least pretended to be happy.

I really was though! I could hear the crickets, I love crickets. I just noticed the Nike coma on my shorts. No they don’t sponsor me. I’m way too slow.

The run route always ends up on the beach. That’s Markus paw prints 🙂

He’s not even scared of the Ocean anymore! Although it’s super flat at the moment, so we’re training him to swim a little in there. I’ll always remember the first time he drank the water thinking it was going to be tasting the same as a paddle. 🙂

For dinner I had Thai red curry (spicyyyyy) in front of Modern family and then I did a little planner stamping before heading to bed. When I cook amazing meals (like that salad yesterday) I get a head massage from my partner.

9.50am: head massage starts.

9.57pm: Lucie passed out.

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