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OLW 2017 – Fearless – April’s prompt

OLW 2017 – Fearless – April’s prompt

I will remember April 2017 as a lot of blue squares surrounding my daily life. From my planner to the bathroom mirror through the electric meter door, I have been asking myself a lot of questions about this word ‘fearless’. Here are some of them:

What’s my conception of being fearless?

In what areas to do I want to be fearless?

How ‘fearless’ can I really be?

What will I gain by being fearless?

How many times did I show a ‘fearless’ attitude today?

These post-its really work.

I remember over the Easter weekend I went surfing but I didn’t push myself hard and didn’t go where I wanted to go. I went back home, and when I opened the fridge there was this post-it on the door saying: How many times have I been fearless today? And the answer was: none. When I went again a few days later, there was no hesitation, I went paddling straight at the back, and this time I knew I could say before dinner “at least once!!”.

These reminders also made me realise that sometimes I need to be fearless in areas I don’t think I would ever need to be. I think fear and acceptance go very much together.

You can’t move forward if you don’t accept your fear and let it be with you. Don’t let it do the work for you, but let it be with you.

Following Ali’s video, I also kept my April layout to 1 page (r/v) divided into 4 pockets.

I haven’t practiced hand lettering for a while so I went with some modern, clean and textured letter stickers to decorate my cards. I also used a few patterned cards and added some stickers from the project as well.

This month was about acceptance and letting go. I discovered that fear can show up not necessarily by blocking you from moving forward because of something you (think you) can’t reach, but that it can also block you from moving forward because of something that you haven’t released.

This was very interesting. I always tend to think that I am scared to take the jump or to go for it, but sometimes we are scared to let go and release things from the past that no longer serve us. And that is also something that will prevent us from moving forward.

You may think that this is no news, somehow I tend to understand things but not fully acknowledge them until I can attach them to a real life experience of my own.

Does this not work perfectly well with the arrival of Spring and the tradition of a good Spring cleaning?

By releasing certain things and re-aligning with my goals, I gained clarity this month and a new feeling of strength.

For this layout I used Ali’s silkscreen as well as the Columbia blue ink. The number stamps are (I believe) from the Week in the life kit.

Thank you for reading!


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