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A week in the Life – April 2017 – a complete album

A week in the Life – April 2017 – a complete album

I’d like to share a few of my favourite layouts for this project.

This is the main album, dotted, onto which I added one of the thick card paper pieces, “For the love of true stories”.

On the inside cover I added the initials of my partner and myself, I think Ali did this or someone else did this and I thought it was a really nice soft textured effect. I also added more of the paper pieces “Our story” and “One week of life”, all from Ali’s main kit.

On this first page I created a calendar simple style layout, which I am hoping to be able to use one year after the other, with a photo including myself (I love Ali’s family selfie! A good one to remember when I have kids!).

This is one of 2 layouts I did as an introduction and trailer for the week. I used close up shots from some photos I took that week and mixed them with my intentions and expectations.

I used chipboards and card from Ali’s main kit as well as the stamp kit, and created a colour palette out of the digital pack so I could easily recreate blocks of colour for the action verbs (I hope that makes sense!).

Here I added a mix of ornaments:

  • The paper piece is from Ali’s main WITL kit (“Here we go”)
  • The shell sticker and the golden # sticker both are from Ikea (the designer is Lisa Bengtsson)
  • The snapshot little paper is from the Written in the Stars’s planner kit from Studio Calico.
  • The little yes chipboard sticker is from one of Ali’s previous story kits.

I won’t be repeating too much the products I used, as once I got my selection I sort of sticked with them throughout the process.

On the photo below I used:

This layout below is about my morning routing on Mondays, although this one was special as it was a Bank Holiday (Easter Monday!). I wanted to represent how I love the bird songs in the morning and got the am/pm journal cards from Life Love Paper here and I absolutely love them. The other elements are from Ali’s kits.

Here’s my Tuesday:

I used Ali’s big transparent Day letters on a very Spring like pretty floral background I found here. I am working in a studio for most days and I wanted to represent the feelings of warm and sunny days in April.

The little ‘plans’ is from Studio Calico’s kit mentioned above and the chipboard ‘super happy’ is from one of Ali’s kits. I used the digital pack of AWITL to print a little patterned background too.

In his layout below most items are from Ali’s kits too as you may recognise 🙂

On this page above I wanted to do a layout a little different than a pocket page and I used a 6×8 patterned paper from Studio Calico’s monthly planner kit and overlaid it with 2 photos and ornaments. The cork hearts and chipboards are from Ali’s kits and the “Magic” is from the same Studio Calico’s kit.

The layout below has a few things from different places:

  • The # chipboard is from one of Ali’s kits
  • The MEOW journal card is from Studio Calico by Hellow Forever
  • The SPRING journal card is from Allison Pennington at the Lilypad
  • The stamps used on the last card are from Studio Calico (out of stock)

Here’s the Wednesday:

I used one of Ali’s card and cork sticker for the hearts part and a chipboard from the Old/New kit.

Here I used the chipboard from Ali’s kit with the “around here” little tag. The journal cards can be found here and here. On the top left, since the journal card was digital, you can add the copy on top and print it all together. On this occasion I printed it before (what was I thinkin?!) and so I had to print the copy on a transparency that I then sticked on top. The first option is easier and cheaper!

Here the journal card here is from Paislee Press and the ornaments from Ali Edwards.

Above I used the card and the acrylic word from Ali’s past kits too. Love how these blend in so well with the colours!

And on this final layout for Wednesday the top left journal card can be found here and the one on the top right is here. I printed so many cards and photos this week it’s unbelievable! Each time the printer tells me it’s running low on ink but I’m very happy with the results!

The wooden word is from Ali’s kits, I really love how it adds a natural and soft contrast to the pastel colours!

Here’s my Thursday:

It was very hard to make a pretty layout out of underground photos in a supermarket parking lot! I used Ali’s elements + the top journal card on the left can be found here.

I left these 2 layouts very simple as the photo says it all really 🙂 It was a beautiful workout in the middle of the fields and in the Ocean.

Here’s the Friday:

I used again a floral background to describe another beautiful spring day outside! You can find it here.

Love this layout, again using Ali’s ornaments and journal cards 🙂

I created a fun layout on the left journal card as I don’t like writing so much. It was a lovely time on the beach with both of us and our dog. We were blessed with beautiful sunshine and by using bright happy colours I know I will remember the feelings!

I was quite happy I could fit in some more letters in this layout, they’re pretty big!

I think the cork letters are from one of Ali’s kits but I am not too sure.

Here on the top left I used Ali’s main kit and on the right the journal card is from here.

And here’s the Saturday!

I included the card on the left as a token from a delivery I had that week. We actually have 2 palm trees in our patio and I talk about them on the Sunday (I cherish them a lot as we don’t have a garden and we’re trying to keep them healthy in pots, and one of them was sick last year when I got it), so I thought it’d be nice to add it on there, as it adds to the summer feel of the week overall!

Look at that cute cat 🙂 She came to hang out with me in bed on Saturday morning 🙂

I took a few photos with my phone and they were not so good quality, so I decided to have this 2×2 layout so I could express other feelings too. Below is the back:

Everyone fell asleep during the early afternoon (except me as I was writing a blog post!) and I loved documenting that!

And here’s the last day Sunday:

I used the chipboard sticker from Ali’s Bond kit, and the SUN letters from the main WITL kit. The cork sticker is from one of Ali’s past kits.

Below I used journal cards from here and here and the stamps from here.

I wanted to say thanks to the Universe for making me realise how perfect my life currently is. I’m not saying that there are no issues or no stress involved at times, but I really don’t need to complain because it truly represents what I wanted so far. So I just added a few sticker letters on a patterned page here:

What I learnt from this project: as it was my first time doing it, it was quite a long process to dive into the little details whereas at the same time taking a step back and seeing my life as a whole. I think doing it again and again over the years will be helpful for me to develop a certain habit.

How my approach may change for next year: I am going to prepare a list of specific things I want to record, based on memories I like to think about, like the series I watched, the places I used to buy my groceries at, what apps I used on my phone and other bits like that. I may still add a documenting wallet or something to add these little details in for this year too.

Thank you so much for reading! If I missed linking any product you like let me know!

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