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Monday 17th April

Monday 17th April

It’s the first year I’m doing this project. I tend to live in a different place from one year to the other and I quickly forget the little habits and routines I had. This project will be a good one to look at in 10 years to see what’s actually staying the same from one home to the other, and what’s changed for good!

Here’s to Easter Monday. I had a tough choice to make. I live in Portugal but work for clients based around the world. In France and the UK, Monday being a bank holiday (but not in the USA or Pt) I decided to make it a half-day-work-from-home.

Woke up at 6.26am, having decided not to put on the alarm clock the night before. Checked my Nike coach app and realise that I don’t need to run 4.5km anymore but 3km, since it adapted my 8week program yesterday. Well, I’m sort of working from home because we have an early dinner with the neighbours and I can only work out in the morning. And since my brain was already wired on 4.5km, then that’s what we’ll aim for.

My partner is also on a Nike run program but he’s got to speed up today. So he takes Markus our puppy while I slowly get out of bed and get ready. Then when he comes back, Markus drinks a little water and seems absolutely ready to go again.

There we are, 4.75km later.

Each morning when we go for a run we see some neighbours walking their 2 dogs, Sasha and Boris.

The view from the beach is one I cherish ever since I got here last April 2016. It’s a 2 min walk from our home and brings me all the energy I need each day.

Today the sea is so flat. It’s so nice and warm outside. I love that feeling that I can finish my run and stay out on a little walk without feeling cold or the need to quickly go home to warm up.

At 9am I make my usual chocolate banana smoothie and check my emails.

Since I don’t often work from home anymore, Mousse our Persian cat takes advantage of the opportunity and lays on my lap as much as she possibly can 🙂

You can see though on the bottom left corner that Markus never stays too far either!

For lunch we decided to make a rice salad, when we realised we didn’t have any rice left, so the recipe was left overs from the Sunday bbq roasted into a hummus wrap and a little salad. Not really enough for the Mister who thought this was a starter, but perfect portion for me. You’re never too hungry after working out anyway, which is a good thing in Spring!

When I work from home I tend to become restless after lunch. So I tried to stay quiet with a little office sofa moment, although it didn’t last for too long…

If I tend to become restless it’s not every body else’s case…

At 3pm I decided to get in touch with a friend to see if she was planning to go for a surf session. It was quite windy and flat but I think I needed some fresh air, and some salty water… One hour later, this was my view!

We stayed in for an hour as I had to get back home and get ready for dinner with our neighbours. I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t take my phone and so I don’t have any photos from the dinner, BUT I will write down the menu and some good moments in the album.

That was my Monday!

Best moment: Paddling out in the windy waves.

Grateful for: these surroundings and my freedom.


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