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Tuesday 18th April

Tuesday 18th April

Back to work today! I discovered that Apple (finally!) updated their clock app and they now have “Bedtime” which tells you when it’s time to go to bed but also has amazing waking up ringtones now. Anyway, all of this to say that my day started at…

5.04am – when the garbage truck came and loaded/unloaded all the bins around the area. And with some musical Biiiip, biiiiiip, biiiiiips. Lovely. They usually come at 6, not 5! Did they all fall out of bed? Plus now we sleep with windows open again, (and I love that!) but I lose my earplugs when I’m sleeping and by 5.46am I had not fallen back to sleep.

Then I hear the animals playing in the other room so I decide to open the door, thinking they’ll be more quiet once here. Mousse pukes a hair ball 30 seconds later, then another one. On my Moroccan carpet. Great. Morning. I already feel tired. And I don’t even have kids yet. Now I feel guilty for feeling tired for such a small thing.

I’m a little grumpy so I just go to shower, do a 5min yoga session, prepare my breakfast +  lunch and I jump in the car to go to the studio.

7.54am: I arrive and I get an easy parking slot. That’s good. Actually that’s awesome. I love when that happens.

Let the work day begin by checking emails and doing urgent yet easy tasks.

I have to use the remote for the photos, the chair always gets stuck in the carpet and I don’t have the time to sit back properly otherwise! These selfies definitely need training 🙂

I love though how I see the dotted pattern on my chair… That’s a mark of love from Mousse! It reminds me that I soon need to get shopping for a new chair…We’ll see about that in the next week in the life I guess!

For lunch I had the same leftovers from Sunday. A hummus wrap with grilled vegetables, and a hard boiled egg. Today I have so much to do I’m not going for a walk outside. It seems a little too windy too.

After a little scrapbooking time I get back to work creating some product shots on a lower table. I have to use the other window in the afternoon, the sun comes back that way later on. I love this place, I can create anything I want and it feels so spacious when I compare it with the little corner I used to work from at home before.

When I work, the space turns into a messy kids room! I always need to spend a little time tidying up afterwards.

I also got some deliveries today, which I very much was looking forward to (who doesn’t?).

The funny story is that I get everything delivered at my studio now, even personal items. My home address always comes up differently depending on who you speak with. It’s one way from the Electricity company, another from our estate agent, and another from the delivery companies. I decided to go with the one from the delivery guys (if the electricity bill gets lost, I won’t cry about it!) until they started to disagree between themselves. And of course Google maps also has its own description, but no one really uses Google maps in this country (yet?).

It was a very good Portuguese practice when I first settled here for sure, I had to be on the phone each time one of the guys would get lost and come up with a very descriptive way to explain my surroundings. Understanding what they were saying though is a whole different story…

So now, to make it all simple, I send it all to work. The address is easy, it’s on the high street and everyone knows it.

I went back home at around 6pm. You know how I said I was so happy to have a nice parking slot? Scratch that. It was alllll dirty and full of that yellow pollen (I don’t remember what it’s called) and full of pines from the trees above (it was indeed a very windy day). Eeeek! 🙂

I included the parking signs in picture as well, because it took me a long time to realise that within a car park there are different zones. Some are for residents, some are paid and some are free. It was definitely a first! Livre is the one that’s free 🙂

Back home, I tried on my espadrilles (they’re created in my home region!) and they fitted perfectly!

Then I went on with my Nike coach program and did my workout at home. It was so. Painful. I cheated and didn’t do the burpees, don’t like those anyway!

After that I got a few more summer things out (they’re planning 26 degrees this week!) and of course whenever there’s something new around, Mousse has to lay on it for a bit!

My partner went to walk Markus on the beach while I had a pretty late dinner (8pm). Salad with nuts and berries, with a hard boiled egg and some veggies. Then I had a little glass of Kagor wine (evil!) while watching Modern Family.

After 9pm, off to bed to have a look at scrapbooking tutorials and other nice websites!



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