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Surf me Happy

Surf me Happy

All in Awareness

Arriving here, this familiar place
Slowing down, seconds of silence
The Ocean only gives whispers
Is it strong or is it safe,
All in awareness

Bonding again,
As you take the first steps
Your body feels a change in state
All in awareness

Your other life suddenly evaporates
As you dive into an infinite space
You become part of the wilderness
– of this place
All in awareness

Tuning in to the frequency of the wave
Find your rhythm and align with the swell
Forever first aligned with yourself
All in awareness

Photo by Darcie from Ola Onda Ericeira

Playing between rush and wait
From motion to stillness
Breathing between the sets
Nothing ever stays the same
All in awareness

Photo by Riemkje Poortinga for Ola Onda Ericeira

Joy found in presence
Seconds of happiness
Always worth the wait
As it is in no attachment
That we can ride, free, happy

Bonding with others
Here for the same purpose
Here for the same moment
Yet different lives, different perceptions
It’s all about acceptance
All in awareness

Returning to the shore
Everything has an end,
Returning to our life, but
Forever changed
Forever better
Forever happier

Until next time.

Thank you France.
You took me in,
You cracked me, 
Opening me up.
It hurt, but
Forever in you I trust,
And so I let you in.

You healed me.
Allowing for the true version of me
To finally come alive,
In acceptance,
In alignment,
Ready to listen,
Ready to be free.
Grateful to you,
Forever I shall be.

I created this TN layout using Paislee Press’s latest release, Happiness.

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