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OLW 2017 – Fearless – August’s prompt

OLW 2017 – Fearless – August’s prompt

August has always been a tough month for me. It’s around the corner, and I go about thinking it’s going to be easy and nice, people are relaxed and on holidays, blabla.. And most years it turns out to be a little chaotic and sometimes even kind of stormy. I guess it’s time I lowered my expectations a little?

I’ve been reading books, watching movies, in order to make sense of my current life that looks like complete chaos.

A few months back I was making a sweet Week in the Life album, and before you know it, a month later, my fiancé and I separated.

So here I am, 33 years old, in my little corner of the world, trying to make sense of life.

I have been fearless in listening to my heart for maybe the first time. But I have also been fearless after that, in ways that brought me to darker places, by thinking I was fearless when in fact I was totally misaligned with myself.

But the surf is what I will document through images. I feel telling personal stories is not what matters here. At least with the surf, I have taken risks, pushed away fears and it’s been so much fun. I decided to implement this experience with a few words, and the memory I keep of it all is going to be good.

Oh August, this year it’s been about getting to know myself, letting go, jumping from one cloud to another, landing in cold waters, and appreciating what truly brings me joy. This is where my pages come into life. I focused on the good, the positive moments through images.

So, yes, the surf was awesome. I got more confidence because “be fearless” resonates with me each time I try to get a bigger wave or a new spot. For the first time I surfed my home spot, which is quite a tricky one. The friendships were great, and so was the road trip to France. I was fearless in listening to my explorer self and in doing what I felt like doing, without putting myself down.

Goodbye August, thank you for coming September.

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