lucie by the sea

Welcome to my virtual home, the place where I reflect on life through paper journals and words.

My name is Lucie, I was born and raised near Biarritz in France and I live in Ericeira in Portugal.

I’m a graphic designer and photographer, currently studying illustration. During my free time, I’m mostly outdoors, surfing, or hiking around.

I’m an empath and all my life I have felt so disconnected from others because I’ve always felt very different. I’m currently experiencing a shift here and my guess is that once this beautiful, relieving transformation has fully happened, I will be able to share more on this.

My hope here is to bring you some soothing, understanding, and maybe even warm your heart a little. As my inner world gets more and more intertwined with the seasons of the Earth, I get closer to who I really am and I share my experience of it all, right here.

It all started back in 2015 when I discovered an intriguing way to document life, through Ali Edwards and her intentional approach to memory keeping and scrapbooking. Back then, I was living in London and I think I was slowly getting sucked in the rush of corporate life. I realised that I was struggling to remember my big Why and that life was flying by too fast for me to appreciate it fully, as the gift it truly is.

Memory keeping has quickly become for me a fun and creative way to check in with myself, taking into consideration experiences, connections, and surroundings.

Documenting is now my way to let go of the past by taking valuable lessons from previous experiences. It’s also a way to cherish joyful memories spent with loved ones or in special places.

I love to look back at my life through scrapbooking with the intention to learn, expand my spiritual growth and move forward in life with more love, gratitude, and joy.

I’ve always been into crafts, papers, layouts, and all things design. I love a modern, clean and airy look, with earthy pastel colours taken from Nature where I spend most of my days.

Over the course of the past 6 years, this space has grown to become a safe zone where I slowly dare to share my truth, to speak from the heart, to show myself real and raw.

It’s also becoming a place of hope. As every day, I show up in the hope to be of service, somehow. I’m currently working to uncover my own approach to self-healing as I go through it myself. For now, this topic shows itself up through very long blog posts, words I had to type in order to process things myself. Healing comes in waves and cycles, and during peaceful times, I use my creative energy to study illustration in order to make this space even more welcoming for you.

I’m glad you’re here, enjoy browsing around and let me know if there is anything that you feel you’d like to share.