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December Daily 2020 – Album openers

December Daily 2020 – Album openers

This year for December Daily I decided to get supplies from European shops to try to save on shipping costs, and I also fell in love with the Crate Paper collections. I managed to find some of them locally available, and I also purchased the digital version of their Hey Santa collection.

This year I am also coming back to a colour palette mixing more pastel shades and blues since a few pictures show the seaside and I find it quite difficult to mix blues and greens together.

For me this year December Daily is more than a crafty project. The time I choose to spend playing around with paper and layouts allows me to find again my long-gone ability to focus. It’s one of the rare activities (with surfing) when I can lose track of time or forget about lunch time. It helps me a lot with my anxiety level which is overwhelmingly high at the moment.

I am emotionally exhausted, and having to admit that to myself lately has been very tough. So I am trying to find joy and peace in small moments like these. I know in a few years when I will look back at this album, I will feel more than just fun pieces and colours put together. I will see some healing process happening on paper.

The idea with the window die is to express how much time I spend a home usually, and how much more time this year made me spend at home too. Home is a place I cherish, a place where I need to feel safe, a place for me to return to myself and recharge. It will be a bit the sub theme for this album, as I usually return home to France too for Christmas. For now, we don’t know until the 15th December if that will be possible but we are confident that we will be allowed to travel. Fingers crossed.

On the back of this opener, I made a set of doors that will open to my perfect world: the seaside. The Ocean can be calm, or wild. That’s also what this year has been like. I have inserted a little note in there with my intention for this December.

I then made a pompom wreath on a felt paper and I got a bit carried away! I feel it’s not quite yet finished so I will try adding a piece of velvet ribbon to see if that will work. On the back of it I made a little star shaker.

Products used:
Kimidori 6×8″ album
Kimidori window die
Ali Edwards chipboard letters
Crate paper sticker decorations
Holiday cheer from a previous DD Paislee Press’s kit

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