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When in doubt

When in doubt

Letting go. Letting go of everything. Surrendering it all. Not holding onto anything, only trusting. Trusting that we’re being guided, trusting that things work out the way they’re meant to.

This is quite the challenge right now. I may have gained some solid faith within the past weeks, for daily situations, walking blindly still feels like a difficult thing to do. It takes time, intention, effort, and remembering.

Sensing a tightness in my chest, a knot in my throat, an overall feeling of weakness and complete uncertainty. I know I’m out of my comfort zone, I know that showing up in authenticity, as my true self, it is one of the hardest things to do. Knowing this doesn’t make the process any easier. It does, however, seals it, for I know I can no longer try to be different from who I really am. Coming together as one, to surrender, release, look within, and listen to the truth that needs to be spoken up. Embracing it all in order to soothe this uncertainty, find safety and move past the fear.

So here is a little prayer, something I want to remember because it brings a sense of quiet to my mind, a peaceful comfort to my heart and clarity as to what I should do next. These words have been triggered by meditation, but came together thanks to a recent restorative yoga session, a blend of emotion and movement.

Letting go through release, releasing through movement, while setting an intention to surrender, and to trust again. Synchronization between the body and the heart, resetting, re-aligning, and opening up on how I truly feel within.

It is by falling that we learn to stand.
It is in movement that we find balance.
It is in opening that we receive.
It is in surrendering that we release.
It is by breathing that we begin again.

It is in softening that we become strong.
It is through connection that we become one.
It is by looking within that we find those answers.
It is in trusting that we find peace.
It is by loving ourselves that we can love others.

It is by releasing our own shadow that we see the light.
It is by letting ourselves be small that we grow.
It is through humility that we find wisdom.
It is in stillness that we become awakened.

It is in acknowledging life for what it is truly is that we become alive.

Allow yourself to feel small, or weak. Allow your heart to open to its own truth, to your truth. Let your whole being surrender. Let these walls around you fall apart, they’re not needed. Drop your weapons, as it is in showing up in the light, whole, true, that you are strong.

Never forget that everything is linked together, in this life, within and outside of us. As much as you may think, feel, sense, your movements reflect your emotions, and you can use your body, in prayer, to release, recharge, and become, with time, the true reflection of your higher self.

The magic happens when surrendering, so let it all go. And then, when you fear that you will fall, in an unknown emptiness, because you dropped everything you were holding onto, you will meet yourself there instead. Simply. Supported. Guided. Let this life of yours flow, as it will gently embrace the whole amazing being that you are and kindly guide you forward, in the direction you were always meant to take.

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