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DD17 ★ Day 1-14 ★ favourite layouts

DD17 ★ Day 1-14 ★ favourite layouts

Hello friends!

A bit late, but I’d like to wish you all a warm and Happy 2018!

I am sharing in this post some favourite layouts for the first 2 weeks of my DD album for 2017.

I started with a colour palette but decided to adapt it to the layouts. As I tend to travel during December, the climate changes and so does the mood in my photos. Some can feel quite summery and others very Christmassy!

I will soon upload a little video on Youtube and share the link here too.

Thank you!

Inside first page: I used one of Ali Edwards wooden trees and covered it up with Glitter white washi tape. I added on top another star from Ali’s main kit (you can see her digital version here).
On the right: A transparency from one of Studio Calico’s sale events, and underneath elements from Ali’s kit and Paislee Press DD kit too.


Here’s my reason why which is more a wish for this year. I somehow suppose at this time of my life that my reason why has not changed. I’m doing this project because my life is moving so fast I can’t quite follow sometimes. I want to be able to remember the feelings, emotions and beauty I experience each year at this time.


01/12: we spent most of the day at a paintball field, it was my first time and we had a lot of fun! I used some little dots to cover the trees on the left spread as a reminder of how those balls can hurt 😉 It was a fun day!
I mostly used Ali’s main DD kit and the PP kit. Some journal cards are from a DD sale from Ali’s site in 2016.


02/12: somehow I really love this layout. The Black and white blend in so well with the blue and the touches of red. This is mostly done with the kit from Paislee Press. I added a little tag from Swirlcards found in a French art shop in my hometown.


05/12: On the left I used different kit elements to show some little details about my days. On the right is a 6×8 photo of me and my dog on the beach. I love my home beach at low tide, you can walk over the reef quite far it’s pretty amazing!


06/12: I used some cards from past kits, red metallic stars from a craft shop, and the heart and number from this year’s DD kits (either Ali’s or PP’s).


11/12: on this one I replicated Ali’s idea to have the wreath on the pocket as transparent and sticker numbers inside. Can you tell how much I love the Ocean and sunsets? 😉

On this spread I used sticker elements from a past subscription kit of Studio Calico. The journal card is from the DD kit of Paislee Press for Ali Edwards.

12/12: I love the colours on this one! The left pattern is from Creative Market and the right top journal card from Studio Calico’s December documenter kit. The bottom JC is from this year’s Paislee Press DD kit.


14/12: the colours really change from one spread to the other. I don’t know if I could have kept a simpler colour palette because I really like consistency but somehow it would not work as well.




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