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DD16 – Day 16

DD16 – Day 16

It was POU-RING rain on the 16th. To the point where all I wanted to do was to stay in bed ALL DAY. But we had stuff to do, so we decided to get out for a quick trip to town that day.

We still had a few presents to buy before leaving to France, and one of them was Port. We naturally decided it’d be much much better if we offered a Port we knew was amazing. I think we finished the bottle on the same day (ahem), and when we went back to the shop to get some more the next day they had none left! So much for a clever strategy!

I used Ali’s supplies too on this page. I didn’t want to make the layout look too busy so instead of journaling with my own handwriting I thought I’d print something on a transparency and add it on top of the striped card.

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