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DD16 – Day 06

DD16 – Day 06

So much happened that day!

I was very hopeful to upgrade my camera for my job, and I was thinking about it overnight (hence the selfies and the wishlist chipboard there), and I finally went ahead and got it the next day!

I also caught up with a friend of mine and wandered the streets of London. It was such a beautiful day (although freezing cold!)

One of the most magical things I had ever seen was the massive Christmas tree they pull each year in Covent Garden. It’s always huge and so beautiful. When I was a kid, we would get a potted Christmas tree for the season and then my dad and us would plant it in the garden in January. 2 of them grew a few meters high, so high one of them was eating up all the other trees and had to go, but we still have another one, which I absolutely love (more on this one when we get to my parents for Christmas!).

Products used:

  • 6th December = blank transparency from Studio Calico (last year). I then printed on a sticker sheet and cut around it. That was a pain, it’s really hard to remove the label as it just tears it all together… Anyway!
  • Journal card from Jasmine Jones digital kit
  • Bus painting from Creative Market.
  • Photos are my own
  • Card with Merry Christmas from Paperchase
  • Stamps & lettering from Ali Edwards

Thank you for reading!

Lucie x

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