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December Daily 2016 – Foundation pages

December Daily 2016 – Foundation pages

This is my first year of doing December Daily and I am beyond excited to start on this project!

I am using a mix of patterns and illustrations from Creative Market as well as some kits from Ali Edwards. I realise that I probably should have placed my physical orders a lot earlier as some items will probably not arrive until January now (I am based in Portugal).

Hello Awin

Here are some pages of my nearly ready album:

I decided on a colour palette that would reflect on the various countries I will visit this month. I live in Portugal but used to live in London (which we will visit at the beginning of the month for a few days), so red has to be in there! In Portugal it’s very nice and much warmer, so the mustard yellow and the pale pink are quite appropriate, and we will be spending Christmas in the South of France (where I was born and grew up) but I am not too sure yet on what colours will work best there.

As I don’t have children, I decided to write a letter to myself, to open before the next December Daily of 2017. I wrote some hopes I had, goals for 2017 and other motivational things (to be honest I already can’t remember what I wrote!).

That’s it for the foundation pages, I cannot wait to see what the first day of December will bring!

If you liked this post and are also doing DD, please comment with your links too so I can see!

Lucie x


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