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Copyrights & Terms of Use

Copy, and rights. Something that really matters to me. This blog is about authenticity, one’s unique truth, and if there is one thing that I will defend on top of freedom, it’s the right to self-expression.

My work and words are my own truth, something I have thought of, something I spent hours drafting and re-reading, something I decided to help and inspire others by sharing here my life’s experience, in the most humble possible way. I will be honoured and grateful that you get inspired by what I do, that it touches you somehow. I will be glad to see that you, in turn, will have created something from what I shared, something that you will have fully integrated and cultivated, something that, in its own time, will then become your own, spoken with your very true words.

However, reposting similarly built articles, copying sentences that clearly demonstrate the same idea, thought process or anything that gets defined by plagiarism is not allowed as it goes against our precious right to self-expression. If you decide to post something that is my own, then please do so by crediting back to my post, paperwork, photos or my blog, whichever you’ve been using. This is only a fair thing to ask for.

I’d like to go beyond this. I’d love to encourage you to dig deeper into your own self so that you can also find your own words and speak your truth. Like I explain here (towards the end of the post), everything that goes in excess is the fine line between being in the present, fully alive and awake, or escaping from yourself. If you decide to copy someone else’s work, then you need to acknowledge that you’re choosing the easy path, the one that will give you a temporary false gratification that only you know is not true. You will find no productive use for this in the long term. It may revigorate you in the moment, but deep inside you’ll be hurting yourself by ignoring what your own voice has to say. Is that really what you think you’re worth? As frightening as it can sometimes feel, I invite you to find courage, in order to speak your own truth. I promise you, you are worth it.