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Copyrights & Terms of Use

Copy, and rights, are both very important values to me. This blog is about authenticity, about sharing one’s unique truth, and if there is one thing that I will defend on top of freedom, it’s the right to self-expression.

I have taken the time to process what I felt like sharing before putting into words and images the posts that you see here. This blog is a place I created in order to maybe help or inspire others by sharing my own reflections about life, in the most humble possible way.

I will be deeply honoured and grateful if you get inspired by what I do, if it touches you somehow. I will be glad to see that you, in turn, may feel like you want to create something out of what I shared, something that will come forth of your own experience and reflection, something that, in its own time, will simply be your own truth, in whatever creative way it may be expressed.

This is why reposting similarly built articles, copying ideas, thought processes or anything that would get defined by plagiarism is not allowed here, as it goes against our precious right to self-expression. If you decide to post something that is my work, then please do so by crediting back to my post, paperwork, photos or my blog, whichever you’ve been using. This is only a fair thing to ask for.

I would also be honoured if you asked me to guest post on your blog too, so feel free to get in touch if you’d like us to collaborate on an idea you may have.