Masonry 3 Columns
One Little Word
OLW – August’s prompt
August has always been a tough month for me. It’s around the corner, and I
3 French movies to watch to heal your heart
You know how you make plans in life, and then something happens, and you find yo
A Week in the Life
A complete album
I’d like to share a few of my favourite layouts for this project. This is
One Little Word
OLW – April’s prompt
I will remember April 2017 as a lot of blue squares surrounding my daily life. F
A Week in the Life
A week in the Life – Title and Trailer
I waited for Ali to start working on her album as to be honest, I was feeling ov
A Week in the Life
Sunday 23rd April
As I am writing this post, the ‘”week in the life” project is
A Week in the Life
Saturday 22nd April
06.45: Yeyyyy! I slept an extra 45 minutes today! I really am still sleepy thoug
A Week in the Life
Friday 21st April
6.00am. Let’s make it 6.45am shall we? Now I am in the mood to get up. Bec
A Week in the Life
Thursday 20th April
I naturally woke up at 5.24am today. I wish I didn’t. I get up and Mousse