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2022: GROWTH | #OLW

2022: GROWTH | #OLW

A couple of quotes I have accidentally already gathered around this word:

“The most important skill for growth is introspection. Deciding what you actually want is both the most essential¬†and the most neglected step to achieving a rewarding and fulfilling life.”
Chris Sparks, Founder of Forcing Function

“At some point you need to decide whether you want to stay comfortable or you want to grow.”
Cole Thomas

Considering these two statements resonate strongly with me, I take it that my choice for this year’s word is appropriate for my situation.

With Rise last year, I looked for, found, gathered and aligned my energy. This year I am directing my energy towards the sky, aiming to expand it, aiming to invest it, aiming to multiply it.

Let’s see what you’ve got to offer 2022, because despite all external circumstances, I am staying focused on what I can control, I have accumulated precious knowledge from the past few years that got me well prepared, and I am surely committing to making this year one of Growth.

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