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DD2020 – Day 01

DD2020 – Day 01

Here is my first layout. So far I am going to keep the first days of December very simple, because my routine doesn’t change that much. I’m driving to France on the 23rd this month and I expect to take many more pictures and create more complex layouts from that time onwards. For now, I want to share the simple moments, my here and now, and it starts with my current home.

I’m renting an old small house in a tiny village and it used to be the primary school of this village. My landlord even went there when he was still a child. It’s located on a busy and small street and it’s now surrounded with higher buildings which in my opinion ruins a bit the village feel.

Anyway, since I work from home I spend a big amount of time here and I wanted it to be the first thing I document. My home is my safe place, my sanctuary, where I recharge and rest.

So on the first day of DD, I remembered that the previous tenant had left a long set of outdoor lights and I decided to use them around the entrance door. It wasn’t going to be easy but if it worked out it would be nice since a lot of people pass by this street. While I was outside trying to figure it all out, a neighbour quickly also came out to help. He had himself added lots of Christmas decorations earlier in November and he was really excited to see someone else getting in the festive spirit too. We made it work and it looks great!

Taking a photo of it somehow during the day makes it look a little sad, so I decided to draw it on my Procreate app instead and I added the result as an 4×6 photo.

The 2 journal cards are from the Cosy Nook collection by Sahin Designs and on the house I added a couple of ornaments from Crate Paper.

🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌 🎁🎄✨🎉🎁

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