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Yes to more Joy

Yes to more Joy

We’re the 1st October as I write down these words and although in most of Europe summer is now over, here in Portugal we get a few more weeks of warm weather. Despite the fact that I love long warm days, I also cherish the peace and quiet that Autumn days bring. Less busy roads, calmer beaches, and just a general sense of space = my idea of Paradise.

I don’t know what this year has really looked like for you. I’ve got friends that tell me it’s been absolutely great for them, they’re moving in together with their partner, or they’re expecting a baby or they just got a great new job. Some found their calling. For other friends, it’s been more of a struggle, because of less work, a job loss, a relationship ending, or too much work.

Overall, I feel like this year is extremely highly powerful in energy but also tension. A kind of energy that can not be foreseen, and one that cannot be tamed either. It affects each one of us in a different way, for the better, or maybe not quite yet the better (but eventually).

For me, this year has been full of surprises. I feel like the word I chose this year, Open, was a tough one to work with in these conditions. I’ve been moving from being extremely open and vulnerable to extremely closed and inaccessible within minutes.

It’s been, like this year, extremely energy demanding somehow. The thing is that Being Open and vulnerable is still something I am currently experiencing, whereas hiding in my safe space is somewhere I know I can always go back to. None of these is good or bad, but the constant shift between these two spaces is somehow tiring now. My sun sign is Taurus, I like when things move slowly but steadily. I like to know where I’m heading. This year has been totally foggy. And I’m not a fan of constant change. So I’m still working on making the transition between the two spaces less intense. It’s like trying to make the gap a lot less wide so then it’s easier to jump in and out of that space. I hope you follow me here.

One of the ways to do that is to find and keep up with the kind of emotion (energy in motion) that CAN be found in both spaces. Joy is quite an easy emotion to find, because it often hides in the little details, in the simplest of moments.

One example of Joy for me is surfing. I can stay in my own calm and relaxed space when I surf, I can go by myself, I can go anywhere and I will feel safe and comfortable. And other days, I will open up and be more vulnerable, talk to new people, and smile at familiar faces. Having this sort of activity really helps me keeping aware of my needs and my energy level, and the secret is that as soon as I feel safe and comfortable, I feel like opening up again. Magic.

Let’s see what the rest of the year will bring, let’s do the work together. Sending hugs.

Here I’ve used here Paislee Press’s latest creation “Yes No Maybe”.

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