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OLW March 2020 – Open

OLW March 2020 – Open

In March we’re practicing one thing every day in accordance to our chosen word. If you’re new to the concept of One Little Word, it’s about choosing a guiding word for the rest of the year, and I chose Open.

February has been quite a rough month. A month where things just happen and you know you have absolutely no control over them. Like a thick black fog, and I received got a second wake up call. Just that. Thanks 2020. I’ve gone sideways, I’ve lost my sense of direction again, I forgot to remain centered. And of course, I beat myself up for it. I-do-not-like-making-mistakes.

But mistakes are unavoidable when we move forward. Mistakes are experiences that come to us in the form of emotions, like hurt, shame, disappointment, fear, but behind those emotions are valuable lessons. So there, that’s detachment already. And that’s exactly what I want to practice this month. And the good news? With detachment comes discernment.

If I want to become able to detach myself from events that make me feel down or low on energy, all I need to do is press Pause and I create a healthy distance between my heart and those life experiences. And then simply ask myself “Is this really helping me create the life I truly want to live?”. That allows me to truly reconnect with myself and I become able again to hear this inner voice that is oh so quiet but always present when I make space for it again. Choose again. Don’t hold on to anything. Choose to listen to what your heart truly wants. And choose. Choose what’s good for you. That’s how you remain Open, that’s how you keep an open mind and an open heart.

It doesn’t only work with the sad emotions. Detachment is also the ability to recognize beautiful moments and let them go in the same way. Detachment helps us better anchor ourselves into the present moment, we reach a better state of consciousness and hop we’re back in the game.

So this month I am choosing to add an evening meditation followed by a short journaling session in order to practice discernment and detachment. Meditation helps to create this healthy distance between our inner self and life, this sort of this altitude that helps shift perspectives when necessary, maybe the separation between our ego and our real self.

And I’m letting go of that perfection madness, I choose detachment instead. I only take responsibility for my own feelings. I let things flow on their own, and I remain grounded in the present moment. And should I make mistakes along the way, I’ll choose to learn the lessons from them. But I don’t hold onto anything. Too heavy to carry. Wish me luck, as that’s quite the challenge. It demands focus, courage, a strong determination, and mostly the will to change and move forward. But it seems the outside atmosphere is smoother, quieter, almost harmonious, that helps a lot.

If you’ve got a practice too I’d love to hear about it. We can do this.

Much love.

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