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OLW February 2020 – Open

OLW February 2020 – Open

In February we’re asked to create a moodboard for our chosen word.

Mine is OPEN and here goes:

my intentions:

– To keep an open heart no matter what comes my way. Things are the way they should be, and I am exactly where I am meant to be. I show up as true and vulnerable. Being soft and open brings back to me the same vibrations and connections, and by learning how to recognize them, I feel even safer in a space that I decided to create, out of light, and trust.

Open to share about all the magic I see around me. I used to want to hide this, in fear of being judged, in fear to be criticized, and not accepted for who I am. This work has been one of the biggest so far, but I’ve let that go and it feels so much nicer to embrace the beautiful weirdness of it all and move forward, in true alignment with what I see.

Open to trust, starting with myself. It seems so simple to say it this way, but in reality, it is one of the hardest things to do. I’m currently practicing embracing the present moment, being conscious even about the smaller things. Paying attention to details allows my mind to detach itself from things I would start worrying about. That’s how I feel supported and that’s how I trust.

Open to observe, listen & receive guidance. This demands space. Space needs calm. Calm needs discipline. Observing my mind, my flow of thoughts, filtering what needs to leave and what I should focus on. Consciously deciding what frequency I decide to tune into. It’s a practice. I’ve been meditating a few times a day lately, adding an evening practice for about 30/60min. It brings so much clarity and a strong sense of belonging. A simple return to my Home within.

Open to receive. Stepping into my self-worth, realizing my potential, my strengths, my abilities, and deciding that yes I should be rewarded for the work that I do. Still working on that.

Open to creative flow. The hardest of all. Doing work not out of trend, but doing work that feels like a response to a calling. Being connected and in flow. I can’t wait to see what it will look like in a year’s time. Patience in key apparently. So I am open to letting things come my way when I am ready and when the time is right.

Open to Love. I trust this will just come when it does. A love where both partners can show up whole. An embrace where trust, connection, and support are shared values. A connection based on listening and telling the deep truth, without judging, embracing the person’s own journey, making space for their self-healing process, as well as my own. Authenticity, freedom, laughter, trust, patience, tenderness, space, and joy.

Images taken from Pinterest.

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