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Giving thanks

There are so many things, people, places, details that I am thankful for. So many that rather than publishing a long list of them, I’m going to follow the advice of fellow blogger Emily – who also happens to live in this magical place here in Ericeira – I’m going to be specific about what I’m thankful for.

I’d like to give a special thanks
to someone who warmed up my heart today
in a way I never felt before.

Here is a little note that maybe will describe a bit the beautiful feeling that got engraved in me today, a reminder that people are good, that life is beautiful, and worth living.

To the stranger who stopped for me today. This is for you.
To you, your kind soul, your worried eyes and your genuine smile.
To you, who spoke with your heart, unafraid of the unknown world
that yet separates your life from mine.
To you, who suddenly dropped your hands off your wheel and stopped
your car in the middle of the street.
To you, willing to speak up and share your worry of me
surfing a spot you considered as powerful.
To you, and to your heart so big that you're making sure
even those you may not know are going to be doing okay.

Thank you.
Thank you for showing me pure kindness.
Thank you for reminding me that others too, care.
Thank you for breaking through the invisible boundary
that too often keeps apart one soul from another.
To you, worried about me, but I'm just another soul in a busy world?
Yet for some reason, you felt responsible for me,
even though our eyes had never crossed before.

To you, worried. Worried because you cared.
You cared enough to talk to a stranger.
You simply cared.
You were the sweetest thing that has happened to me in a long time.

Thank you.

This is the kind of magic that is part of normality here, but it’s almost lost in my native country, so it’s something I feel immensely grateful for. I discovered today how amazing it feels like when someone truly cares for you, no matter who you are.

Worry is an emotion I had been thinking about a lot lately. I worry too much. About accidents, work timeline, money, old friends, about the future, about the past. I worry about worrying.

I worry because for so long I refused to really settle and that has led me to embrace a life full of uncertainties, rebounds, and changes. But mostly, I worry because I care.

These words are mostly a reminder for myself, you know what, I’m happy to worry, because it means I care. And if there ever was one day when I should stop caring, then life would no longer have any meaning.

The little side note: #foamie doesn’t always mean beginner surfer 😉


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