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WITL 2018 – snapshot

WITL 2018 – snapshot

I still need to really sit down and work on the album for this year’s Week in the life, but I thought the newest kit by Liz from Paislee Press would be perfect to showcase the Thursday that I spent surfing and so I made the layout for this day first.

I have very summery photos of that beautiful sunny day and the colours and vibes of Liz’s kit were simply perfect. There are other elements of this day to be added but the surf itself took quite some time as Carcavelos is a spot located about an hour away from the little town where I live.

I used number stickers from Studio Calico to add the date and decided to create a little folded pocket page on the left side.

The idea behind the folded pocket page is that the person I was with at the time is no longer my partner. Although obviously feelings of nostalgia and pain come to me now, it doesn’t change the fact that I had a great time that day and made the choice that I want to remember it as such.

So adding a mix of landscape peace combined with smiles of joy was I guess a good fit for this layout and my feelings. I then get to choose with time if I want to open the folded page or not, and as you may guess, chances are likely that I would just open it each time 😉

I hope you like this mix of colours and photos, more to come to document that week!

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