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Planner inserts – layout example

Planner inserts – layout example

Let’s chat about planner inserts!

At this time of the year I have quite a lot of work to do, so to brighten up my days I like to spend a bit of extra time decorating my planner. It feels a bit more motivating somehow when I see something I like first thing in the morning!

I have this Happiness Planner and I have been using it since July last year. I am really in love with it because it is simple and easy to use and the binder itself is really pretty. I used to have the Simplified Planner before from Emily Ley, and although I really loved it for 2 years, I soon realised I needed to have a binder so I could personalise it and add inserts if I needed to.

And since today is Valentine’s day, I treated myself with a few flowers… I need them for my work which is great but I simply love them on a daily basis! So I shot a few pictures and added these beautiful elements from Paislee Press onto this A5 diy insert.

I hope you like it as much as I do!

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