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3 French movies to watch to heal your heart

3 French movies to watch to heal your heart

You know how you make plans in life, and then something happens, and you find yourself lost and confused, so you end up just letting go? That’s me right now. I am quite broken, and I feel like I need to forget about the world for some time while I slowly put the pieces of myself back together.

And well, what’s the best remedy for that? Movies. A lot of them. The cheesiest ones if need be.

I always loved French movies, not because it’s my home country, but because they can mix magic and reality in stories like no one else does. I love American movies a lot, but we’re so used to them, to the way they unfold, the way they transport us so far in the world of romance that sometimes we come crashing down when the words “THE END” show up. With the French movies, you get the sense that you can dream, but reality is just around the corner. It’s allowing you to hope but to come down with a softer landing.

I watched a lot of movies last week, below are 3 that I would totally recommend:

L’avenir (things to come)

It’s about a philosophy teacher. Her husband of 25 years suddenly leaves her for a younger woman. This movie doesn’t drag on in time but it gives a perfect sense of what it’s like to start over on your own again, no matter at what age.

Papa ou Maman

When I read the plot about this one, I bursted into laughter. It’s about a successful couple who have 3 children and they decide to get divorced. The problem? None of the parents want custody of their kids. It’s really light and very funny! They have Papa ou Maman 2 as well, but (as always) the first one is the best.

Gemma Bovery

A little more on the romantic side but with a funny twist. Taken from the famous Madame Bovary novel and adapted to our modern times. With a hilarious narrative!

I am watching about one movie per day, I will also create a list for Netflix movies and romantic movies and others, which will be linked when this post gets updated.

Thank you for reading,

Lucie x



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