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Bond Story Kit – 02/2017

Bond Story Kit – 02/2017

I’d like to share my February story kit with you as I feel like it meant a lot to me. I might in fact start sharing each monthly kit because the March/April one is about Eating and that also means a lot to me, and to most of us I suppose!

I normally receive my kit at the beginning of the following month, so I could reflect on February quite easily with already a little bit of distance, I think that actually helps a lot in the process.

I decided to reflect on my bonds with:

  • My partner and what we currently share
  • My 2 pets who are sort of teens now (between 6 and 12 months old)
  • My surroundings, I live in Portugal since May 2016
  • My previous home London

I talk about my reflections over on this video:

Here are some layouts photos too.

Does this story trigger anything for you?



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