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One Little Word 2017 – FEARLESS

One Little Word 2017 – FEARLESS

This is my first year of joining Ali’s One Little Word program. I heard about it last year but I was still very new to the scrapbooking world and wanted to spend more time just acquainting myself with what scrapbooking would really do for me.

When Ali mentioned her class again at the end of 2016, this time I knew I was ready to give this project some time. I chose the word “fearless”.

And then I let it sit in my head for the next 2 months.

I chose this word for two specific reasons:

  1. I want to become a better surfer and I can only do that if I go further and catch bigger waves
  2. I went to Tony Robbins seminar “Unleash the power within” 2 years ago, and he said this very powerful thing:

    Take your fear, and dance with it.

That same day I walked on fire. I can’t even believe that I had forgotten about that until a few days ago, when I really started to reflect on my actions this year with this word.

What does this word really mean? What does it look like?

When thinking about this word “fearless” I realise it’s two words into one, you can’t really translate it into one word in other languages.

It’s being without fear. It’s a bit like knowing it exists, but ignoring its presence. Isn’t that powerful?

Fear can appear on a lot of different levels. It has a very weird frequency too. It can be here on a daily basis or take us by surprise. Being fearless is not just in being. It’s a state of mind that will require muscle training this year, to allow expansion of myself into a more enjoyed and positive life. 

I chose fearless because I realised how it’s already changed my life. I don’t want to forget about it. There are other areas in my life when fear takes on a complete degree, another level of strength and it’s almost a battle that I am taking against it.

For this introduction and January prompt I used Ali Edwards supplies: the light blue binder, the stickers and rubber ornaments, and the silk screens. I printed the transparencies and journal cards that were available digitally.

I’m following a neutral palette with a main accent of turquoise (representing the sea and the main surf example of being fearless this year).

In the next post I will share my March prompt as I didn’t do the February challenge. I guess I still needed time to take this on and think about what this word would really mean for me this year.

Thank you for reading, what’s your word this year?

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