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OLW – March’s prompt

OLW – March’s prompt

This month the prompt was about creating a vision board. As I already had done one through another project, I tried to get something that would represent deeper feelings and maybe something I would actually be scared of admitting I want to see in my life.

I flicked through some of my favourite magazines and I chose pages from Happinez (It’s a French magazine about mindfulness). I thought these pages were really talking to me, more than other magazines that I normally love (like Home Decor magazines for example).

Considering that these images are already very busy, I kept the layout really simple.

I then added a little bit of reflecting and journaling for this month, as I needed to take a step back and analyse a little what was going on with my word.

I think March was all about embracing ‘fearlessness’ in a slow motion and letting it settle in gently. It’s quite a powerful word, and although I didn’t feel any resistance against it, I feel like it’s working a little bit like a coach, always trying to push me forward. And I like it, but sometimes I also like to take it easy 🙂

On the 6×8 card (which is coming from another kit of Ali) I used the silkscreen to add in the word “progess”. The 3×4 card is also from Ali although I don’t remember from which kit either, it just fits great with this project somehow.

On the other side, it’s more a summary of my feeling and a graphic snapshot of where I am right now.

On the next post I will share my April prompt.

Thank you for reading!


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