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DD16 – Day 24

DD16 – Day 24

I promise it wasn’t planned, but I’m wearing the same sweater both years on the 24th. I think that’s because it’s my warmest and it’s just c-o-l-d everywhere.

Like mentioned on Day 23, we celebrate Christmas every 2 years at home, as the other years we’re with my partner’s family in London. Last year it was at our tiny but cosy flat in London, and this year is at my parents’ house where I grew up.

I’m actually hoping that soon we can invite everyone under the same roof, in a sunny villa in the Algarve (that’s on my vision board!).

I find it so cute that last Christmas we had Shep, my brother-in-law’s dog for the holiday (while they were traveling under the Thai sun) and this year we finally have our own amazing Border Collie, Markus. That was a dream of ours for the last 4 years. I was also secretly dreaming of getting a cat but he didn’t want to, until he was convinced because she was just TOO cute. Merry Christmas!

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